‘Third culture kids’ raised in India

By Kate van Bennekom: They have more passports stamps than you can poke a stick at, have friends from all corners of the globe, can speak the slang from multiple cultures, and they haven’t even graduated from high school yet. Third culture kids, commonly known as TCKs, are children that were born in one country…

Hidden hunger threatens India’s food security

By Ellen Carseldine: Earlier this year, India was officially ranked as the world’s most malnourished country by the FAO, with nearly 200 million of its people going hungry on a daily basis. With a population of 1.2 billion, it may not seem that surprising for India to rank so highly in a world hunger chart.…

UQ connecting globally via New Colombo Plan

By Emily Arnold: From the millions of people to the sweltering heat, Queenslander Zoe Brereton never dreamed she’d end up in India. But thanks to the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan, that’s exactly where she is. I caught up with Zoe in Delhi to see how she’s going, two months into the program.

India’s smallest minority could face extinction

By Gabbi Briner: Jewish people have lived harmoniously in India for thousands of years. Their population is dwindling, with thousands leaving every year. This current affairs television story by Gabbi Briner explores the past, present and future of India’s Jewish population.

Truth and nonviolence: Gandhi’s legacy lives on

By Emily Arnold: Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential political and spiritual leaders the world has ever seen. In India, he was considered ‘the father of the nation’ and is still idolised almost 70 years after his assassination. Gandhi’s birthday, October second, is a national holiday when thousands of Indians pay their respects. Although, not everyone…