Creating ‘Women in the Indian Techonomy’

By Lucinda O’Brien

<Women in the Indian Techonomy/> is an interactive and participatory platform showcasing the stories of women in the Indian tech industry.

As a journalist, my mission was to investigate how each component of the Indian tech ecosystem influences female participation including, students, tech firms, opportunity creation, media and research.

In so doing, the project examines the economic, social and political factors that impact the lives of women in the Indian tech industry.

Enhancing participation and interactivity through technology
A participatory project is an inclusive and collaborative process between the journalist and the subjects. Journalists are able to engage directly with communities in every step of the process from sourcing information to story construction to dissemination.

Ultimately, our project encompasses a new and innovative storytelling process by using Twitter to source all interviews, curate additional content and share original stories of women in tech. As well as creating an interactive platform to host the stories.

Furthermore, participants were able to submit first person accounts to be featured on the website as well as profile interviews. By extending the boundaries of the journalist-subject dynamic, this participatory project encapsulates the integrity of the story in a multi-faceted way.

This interactive platform utilises a wide range of multimedia tools to create a non-linear narrative. This includes photography, text, video and infographics. As well as implementing moving portraits for the header image of each chapter as shown below.  Therefore, majority of the content will be sharable across social media and the Internet.

Women in the Indian techonomy

The moving header image for the students studying technology chapter of the project.

Technological advancement has now created the opportunity for more people to become active participants in the journalistic process. Therefore, the participatory and interactive nature of this project lends itself well to the topic.

Journalistic approach
I created a website and Twitter account to source interviews and gain authenticity within the space. The initial version of the website explained the project, my role as the journalist and encouraged the user to join <Women in the Indian Techonomy/> by sharing their perspective. I created the images below to encourage participation and foster a conversation between myself and possible subjects. Initially, the project was an interactive documentary. However I refocused to instead create text based articles and photography to broaden the scope and to interview a wider variety of women in the Indian tech industry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Community Response

Join <Women in the Indian Techonomy/>
To share your perspective simply follow us on Twitter and tweet @IWITDoco.


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