Women’s education: A modern conversation

By Emma Natty:

More and more women in India are continuing to graduate from university studies with degrees in fields previously dominated by men including engineering, I.T. and the space sciences which in many ways is progressive for the patriarchal nation. But as the country moves forward it’s important to make sure no one is left behind. There are still many girls in India for whom education will remain a dream. Socio-economic struggles can often lead to the prioritisation of marriage over education. From the lower-castes and underprivileged remote communities to the wealthy and prestigious metropolitan institutions, modern-day education in India is a spectrum and it’s an important conversation to have.


One thought on “Women’s education: A modern conversation

  1. Well said Rahul, women empowerment definitely help to uplift their social status…but change in thought process of men can bring change quickly and positively.
    Men has to understand that being a provider does not make him owner..its about companionship and support and moreover strengthening and nurturing the nurture ( women)


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