Raising children in Delhi’s slums

By Emma Natty:
According to latest reports by NGO ‘Save the Children’, in the Mother’s Index Delhi’s urban slums are ranked 140 out of 179 of the worst in the world. The report finds only 19% of pregnant women in Delhi’s slums are likely to seek practitioner assistance during childbirth compared with 99% in the upper classes, and just 27% of pregnant women complete pre-natal visits to doctors. While the findings of the report may be severe, it cannot tell you how these mothers feel. Within Indian culture there is a strong value for the family unit. Behind every smile and gesture you see in Delhi’s Kathputli slum there is a sense of strong family bonds. Whether it’s making roti on an open fire or bathing in the street it’s all part of child rearing and the domestic in Delhi’s slums.


The loving grandmother


Young faces.


A proud husband lovingly shows off his wife.


A curtain creates a homely door.


An uncle nurses his niece.


Cooking roti on an open fire.


These children are never short of siblings to play with.


Evening power supplied to a home.


Mother and baby inside the home.


Laundry day.


Bathing to cool down from Delhi’s heat.


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