Meeting the invisible farmers at Yamuna Bank

By Lucinda O’Brien

IMG_3068Our first glimpse of the farm was a small group of farmers tending to the land.

A look into the field of vegetables with a cloth sheet drying between two trees.


A young girl takes cover under the shade of this hut.


A small group of female farmers congregate to decide whether to speak to us.


A woman cleans her cooking equipment in the midday heat.


A man shies away as we unload our equipment.


A bike is placed underneath a hut built with clay, sticks and cloth sheets.


This man accompanied us to the middle of the field in search of interviews.


Piles of chillies cover the floor and roofs of the small huts.


 A woman collects sticks for kindling and hut construction. IMG_3054A small workstation covered in farming tools. Nearby a candle released a form of incense over the crops.

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