Kathputli Colony has love affair with blue

By Kate Nutting:
The Kathputli Colony in New Delhi is a unique place, full of colour and incredible people. 
The Colony houses approximately 40,000 people, and is known for its sprawling population of street artists. 
The district is similar to a maze, full of narrow alleyways and tiny nooks. What strikes you most as you weave around the homes, is the amount of vibrant colour in what should otherwise be a dull and dreary place. The colour blue is what stands out and gives the old, dusty brick walls life. Nearly every second wall is painted a bright shade of blue, distracting its residents from the litter and open sewerage that lies at their feet. In India, blue is an important colour, which is perhaps why we saw so much of it as we walked around. Blue represents Lord Krishna, one of the most commonly worshiped deities in India. It is also believed to represent power, dynamism and life. Regardless, it is certainly the Colony’s favourite colour. 



One thought on “Kathputli Colony has love affair with blue

  1. Love this piece of work! The photos are fantastic, and love the insight into the colony. I will have to check it out, India is on the bucket list. Would love it if you visited my blog, thanks. Stay safe.


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