Seeing the ones among the billions

By Kate van Bennekom:
Seas of faces, oceans of colour, rivers of diseases, streams of traffic, rapids of growth, and tidal waves of destruction. India is nation tearing at the seams, with a population that grows by over 3,000 every hour.
The notion of “getting lost in the crowd” is a daily ritual, but when one takes a moment, and looks a little closer, they see the ones among the billions.



A 9 year old girl plays with her siblings in the slums of Gurgaon. She suffers from severe back problems and has worn this plastic back brace for 3 years.



This young boy takes a moment to flash a smile to a trail of tourist-filled rickshaws during the colourful Ganesh Visarjan celebrations in the market streets of Old Delhi.



A little one catches some cool breezes while he waits outside the Rajghat gardens.



An Indian beggar girl, she’s one of hundreds of thousands.



A young girl flaunting her freshly henna-adorned hands outside Humayun’s Tomb.



A young girl, wih Kohl-lined eyes, waits on the outskirts of the slums for her mother to come and bathe her.



Three homeless boys find home in each other’s company.



A lonesome child hides in the tunnels of a subway.



A bow-legged tot snacks on crumbly biscuits, as her mother swept the out their crumbling apartment.



Like a can of sardines…A boy waits to reach his destination.



Hiding in the cool shadows of the entrance to the Taj Mahal.



A young beggar girl bites into a crisp, red apple. Money given to beggar children goes to their parents, food on the other hand…



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